Monday, October 3, 2011

Really Unique Shoes

As I was searching online for new shoes I came across some very unique ones that I thought I would share with you. I can't help but wonder if anyone would really wear these...Would you?  Could you? Which is your favorite?

These would certainly be interesting but I think not easy to walk in for long periods of time.

I can just picture all the double takes people would have with these :)

These are really fun, I would love to walk through a preschool in 
these just to see how quickly they would get noticed by the kids. 

I wonder if the tail wags?  Wouldn't that be extra cute?

These are really cool shoes with no sole to them. I think I may try these.

I wonder how much traction banana peal shoes have ...

I can't help but wonder how comfortable these really are.  
I wonder if they are heavy?

OK these are kind of cute.  I might try these out. 

Hmmm   I would try these but I'm not too sure it would be 
easy to learn to walk in them.  I could see myself falling easily...

Looks extremely painful.  That curved silver spike is scary looking...

These are really cute I could see these possibly with a little black dress.

Um,  hmm,  not really for me. Would you wear these?

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  1. Very unique, but no, I wouldn't wear any of them. There are some really creative people out there! I would never have thought of making any of those.
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