Wednesday, October 19, 2011

25 Great Fall Activities To Do With Your Kids

  1. Take your kids for a walk to gather colorful leaves
  2. Use those leaves to make a collage
  3. Go apple picking
  4. Go pumpkin picking
  5. Go on a hay ride
  6. Carve or paint a pumpkin
  7. Bake an apple pie together
  8. Bake a pumpkin pie together
  9. Make apple sauce together
  10. Build a scarecrow - stuff crumpled newspaper and straw into and old pair of pants and a shirt (tie off the feet and sleeves, stuff an old pillowcase for the head and paint on a face add a hat, gloves and old boots for a finished look and prop him up in a chair on the front stoop.  
  11. Visit a corn maze
  12. Make leaf magnets by tracing colorful leaves onto colored paper, laminating and attaching magnets to the back
  13. Make a photo and leaf collage and laminate for personalized placemats
  14. Make leaf rubbings
  15. Help your child make a cornucopia to decorate your table
  16. Teach math skills by measuring, describing and weighing your apples and pumpkins to see which is the tallest, roundest, heaviest etc.
  17. Take your family for a bike ride or hike through the park talk about the seasonal  changes from the last time you were there
  18. Make caramel apples
  19. Rake a maze into the leaves that have fallen onto your lawn
  20. Rake a huge pile of leaves to jump into
  21. Collect 5 different leaves and have your kids research what kind of leaves they are using guide books or the computer.
  22. Look for fall festivals or Oktoberfests in your area and take a family outing.
  23. Make a leaf mobile
  24. Have a fall scavenger hunt give the kids pictures of leaves that they have to try to find outside in the yard
  25. Make bird feeders – find pine cones and tie a string to them, coat them with peanut butter and roll them in a bird seed mix -  hang them from the trees outside your window and watch the different birds that come to eat.  
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