Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer camp

My daughter is attending a three week sleep away camp in upstate NY.  This is going to be her first time away from home for this length of time.  We will be visiting her second weekend there but it feels like an eternity.  Last year she did a one week version of this scouting camp and loved it so I know she will have lots of fun and I know she is in good capable hands but still I worry.  Will she eat enough, will she like her cabin mates?  Will she be placed with friends she knows? I think I am more nervous about her going than she is. 

As I am currently working my way through mounds of laundry and sorting out clothing to pack for my daughter, I wonder if anyone has some good tips on packing a child for sleep away camp.   My daughter tends to be a bit disorganized so I have separated each day's clothing into Ziploc bags which will have the added benefit of keeping her clothes clean and dry in the event of rain.   I also included a few extra sets of clothes just in case.  Knowing that she will be writing to friends and family I have packed prepaid postcards so that she doesn't need to worry about postage or envelopes. Rather than a suitcase, I am packing her in a plastic storage drawer cabinet and some crates that will fit under her bed.  I am hoping that this will make it easier to maintain some semblance of cleanliness around her bed.   She is taking her favorite doll and travel games as well.  I will be sending her several  care packages during her time away with small games or trinkets inside.