Thursday, October 6, 2011

Is Cursive Writing No Longer Needed?

I just read an interesting article that talks about whether using class time to teach cursive writing in a digital age is really a necessity.  The basic feeling in the article is that teaching cursive writing is a waste of time, which could be better used teaching kids typing skills or other 21st century skills.  The worry however was that kids would grow up not knowing how to read cursive or even how to sign their own names. 

While I can see their point that it may not be needed as much as in the past, it does still have a purpose.  It helps kids learn to focus and pay attention to details and build fine motor skills.  In addition,  I can't help but think of the many kids out there whose families can't afford to buy the latest gadgets and won't be able to keep up. If we eliminate writing skills will be automatically be excluding those kids?  

What do you think about this?  Do we still need cursive writing taught in schools or has it become obsolete?  What other subjects do you think need to be eliminated or added? 

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