Thursday, September 29, 2011

Never Sacrifice Who You Are...

This saying is so true!  
You can't please everyone you meet in life.  If someone you meet has a problem with something you are doing or saying or just you in general, then you really don't need them in your life!   You shouldn't need to go around trying to get everyone to like you. If you need to work that hard to get someone's attention, they are just not worth it!  Who needs a constant energy drain to pull them down?  I know I don't and neither do you.   If you can't be yourself around other people then you are not only being fake and lying to them but to yourself as well.  That fake facade is not at all attractive, people can see right through it and will hesitate to trust or get to know you.  Ultimately living behind a facade will lead to unhappiness.  The solution is to just be who you are.  You will find that you will attract people that like you for being you.  And in the end of it all you and they will be much happier.  

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