Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Chore Tracker

Our kids are responsible for various chores around the house. After writing my earlier post about wanting a clean house I realized that we had gotten quite lax with chores over the summer and needed a new boost of "chore energy" .  The store bought chore charts had not worked well for us in the past.  We have in the past tried several different styles of charts available but found that none actually met our needs. We needed a more visual reminder of chores needing to be done.  So I created one myself using the side of our refrigerator, masking tape, Clipart in Microsoft Office and adhesive magnets.  When they finish a chore they simply move the magnet to the space below.

Yes I realize it is massive and takes up most of the fridge 
but if the house gets clean and stays clean as a result then it is worth it. :)

 The kids and I sat down and came up with a list of chores each would finish daily or weekly, I added into this basic daily hygiene such as brushing hair and teeth and showering. and reading time (to minimize time spent in front of the TV). Although it looks like a heck of a lot it, most of it really should only take very little time to accomplish and are based on the complexity of the task and the ages of our children.   

Here is an example of some of the chore magnets we made.

Here is what we have on the chore board:

  • Brushing teeth AM and PM
  • Brushing hair
  • Making the bed
  • Showering
  • picking out clothes for the next day
  • homework
  • reading
  • packing a snack and lunch for school
  • putting backpacks away when not in use
  • organizing the shoe area so they are not all over the place
  • helping to empty the dishwasher
  • putting dirty clothes in the hamper
  • putting away any laundered clothing
  • picking things up off the bedroom floors
  • putting toys in the playroom away
  • throwing in a load of laundry (for my 9 year old)
  • sweeping the kitchen floor (my 6 year old)
  • finding stray cups and dishes around the house (my 4 year old)
  • practicing piano (my 9 year old) 
  • helping mom prepare dinner
  • clearing their plate off the dinner table

Instead of earning money for chores done they are working toward my scheduling play dates for them which gives them the motivation they need to get it done.  They have been racing one another to see who can accomplish their goals for the day first.  :)

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  1. I am impressed! What a fantastic idea. I'm an obsessive list-maker (if it's not on the list, it doesn't get done, cuz I forget) and like you, have lapsed a bit on the house-related chores this summer. The visual/graphic element makes it more fun - and easier to see what needs to be done, and what has been done.

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