Sunday, October 28, 2012

Preparing for yet another hurricane....

Well here we go again another hurricane looming off the East coast heading straight for New Jersey.  I am really hoping it is all hype but am preparing for the worst.  I would rather take it seriously and be prepared for nothing than to wish I had done more later.

Aside from the obvious of taking in or tying down all things that can be picked up by the wind and turned into projectiles.  Make sure you have a supply of enough food that will not need cooking and water (one gallon per person per day) to last at least a week.  If you have pets or infants at home make sure you have enough supplies for them as well ie food, formula, diapers.  Fill all possible containers with water for washing and cooking in addition to water you may have bought.  Fill the bathtub as well in case  you need to flush the toilets manually.  Temps in the fridge and freezer should be  turned down to the coldest settings, Ziplock bags should be filled and frozen to use as water later and to cool down the fridge if the power goes out.  If you have a generator make sure you have extra gas to run it.  Fill your car gas tanks. Don't forget to make sure you have clean laundry to last a while since if the power goes out you will not be able to run the washing machine.  Make sure you get cash from the banks as well since ATMs and card swipe machines  at the store will not work if the power is out.  Gather your important documents together and keep them with you in a Ziplock bag.  Flashlights, a battery powered radio,  and lots of batteries are a must.  Please do not use candles! Don't forget something to entertain the kids and yourself while waiting for it all to pass!

Hope this list helps! Stay safe everyone!

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