Thursday, November 3, 2011

Snow Fall in October and Chess?

After the freak snow storm we had here on October 29th, we like many people, were left in the cold and dark.   Literally.  It took 5 days for us to regain electricity.  We heated the house with our gas fireplace and all slept in one room.  And so began the joys of "camping out"  with 3 children in our family room. Lots of take out food was consumed, many flashlights were lit. School was cancelled for 3 days because the buildings could not be heated and lit.  And of course there was quite a bit of whining and fighting between the kids on that first and second day and then something miraculous began to happen.  They actually started to really interact with one another and for the most part got along well.  They decided that since the TV was not working they would all sit down and learn to play a new game.  What did they pick?  Chess.  They took turns holding the flashlights and reading up on the moves the various pieces could make and began to play  basic games against each other until they no longer needed the instructions.  By the time the lights came back on they were playing fairly well and holding mini "tournaments".

How did your kids get through this or other extended blackouts?

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